Our restaurant

About us

Settled in the heart of Vedado, The Restaurant OPERA opened on December 14 th, 2013.

In our Menu of International and Vegetarian recipes we combine original recipe with new ingredients following italian techniques of cuisine.
Most of aromatic herbs we use are planted by ourselves and they are used to bake our home made bread every day and we use our own sourdough 100% Natural. The Staff of 5 employees is managed by an Italo-cuban couple,
The Restaurant has a capacity for 20 dinners but it can cover a maximun of 40 dinners. Available: Air conditioned, TV, Laptop-USB for meetings and presentations. Area for smoking.

About the name

OPERA not only mentions lyric genre but the meaning of the word as well: WORK It is respect and admiration for everything the mankind can do with his hands or thoughts.

In Opera we honor the art of cuisine and we are deeply inspired in the Slow Food Movement. That is why our Slogan is:

“Slow Life and Food”